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      Mr. Green was ill and went to the hospital. A doctor __1__ and said, “Well, Mr. Green, you are going to __2__ some injections, and you′ll feel much better. A nurse will come __3__ give you the first one this evening, and then you′ll __4__ get another one tomorrow evening.” __5__ a young nurse came to Mr. Green′s bed and said to him, “I am going to give you your __6__ injection now, Mr. Green. Where do you want it?”

      The old man was __7__. He looked at the nurse for a __8__, then he said, “__9__ has ever let me choose that before. Are you really going to let me choose now?”

      “Yes, Mr. Green,” the nurse answered. She was in a hurry. “Where do you want it?”

      “Well, then,” the old man answered __10__ “I want it in your left arm, please.”

      1. A. looked for him B. looked him over

      C. looked after him D. looked him up

      2. A. get B. give C. make D. hold

      3. A. so B. but C. or D. and

      4. A. must B. can C. had better D. have to

      5. A. In the morning B. In the afternoon

      C. In the end D. In the evening

      6. A. first B. one C. two D. second

      7. A. confident B. surprised C. full D. hungry

      8. A. hour B. minutes C. year D. moment

      9. A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody D. people

      10. A. with a smile B. in timeC. in surprise D. with tears in his eyes


      B。look for sb/sth 意为“寻找……”;look after sb 意为“照料……”;look up sb意为“看望……”;而look over sb意为“检查某人”,最贴近文意,为正确选项。


      D。空白部分前面I come 和后面的give形成承接关系,所以应用 and连接。

      D。must 不可以用于将来时,根据文章意思,应选have to。

      D。与上文this evening相对应,In the evening应为正确选项。

      A。one 填入空白部分显得画蛇添足,根据上下文这是第一次注射,应用first。

      B。老人对护士的提问应感到surprised, 因为下文提到从来没人问过他这样的问题。

      D。对护士的提问, 老人思考了一会儿, 故应选moment。

      C。老人感到奇怪, 是因为没有人问过这样的问题, 故应选nobody。

      A。老人想捉弄一下这个小护士。按常理, 应是带着微笑取笑她, 故应选with a smile。

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